OneWave is a non-profit surf community tackling mental health issues with a simple recipe...salt water therapy, surfing and fluro. OneWave runs weekly Fluro Friday sunrise sessions at Bondi and other beaches around the world to raise awareness of mental health. Bright colours make people happy and help start conversations about an invisible issue that are normally avoided. Combine that with surfing, swimming and yoga and it is a great recipe to help free the funk. 

Fluro Friday’s started at Bondi Beach, Australia in 2013 and have since gone viral with Fluro Friday sessions held at more than 100 beaches globally, as far as California, Hawaii, Mexico, New Zealand, Bali, India, Samoa and Fiji.

OneWave also hold a Free the Funk School Program and OneWave Corporate Program. To find out more head to @onewaveisallittakes


Money raised in 2018 - $220