Splash Series volunteer terms and conditions *

Event Name: [Splash Series] conducted by Bondi Splash Pty Ltd – “the Event” Event Date: [Sunday 23rd, April] “the Event Period” Event Location: [Rose Bay, New South Wales], Australia “the Event Precinct” Splash Series owe much of its success to their wonderful volunteers. Many volunteers represent local service clubs, community clubs, groups, sporting associations and schools. As a member of the Splash Series Volunteer Workforce Team, the following safety measures must be read and adhered to across the Event Precinct and throughout the Event Period. Our goal is to have zero harm to 100% of our competitors, spectators, general public, volunteers, sponsors, suppliers and staff whilst they are within our Event Precinct.

These Volunteer Terms and Conditions are designed to enable the Splash Series events located in Bondi and Sydney Harbour, New South Wales to operate smoothly and safely. By applying to volunteer, you (the Splash Series Volunteer) agree to accept and abide by these terms.

Volunteer Commitment:

Attend any appropriate briefings as requested by Splash Series. Ensure a full understanding of the work activity, to ensure the risk of health and safety of yourself and others within the work environment. Undertake the tasks and duties asked of me and follow direction of the Splash Series staff members. Advise Splash Series in writing or via the online registration process, of any pre-existing medical conditions, impairment or injury which may affect your ability to participate in particular roles as part of the Splash Series Volunteer Workforce Team. Ensure that all medical information that is provided is accurate and up to date. Accept and consent to receiving first aid and/or medical treatment which may include, but is not limited to, ambulance transportation. It must be noted that the Volunteer shall be liable for all costs associated with receiving any first aid and/or medical treatment deemed necessary by Event Medical Personnel in caring for a volunteer and providing the best available treatments to the conditions presented. Seek assistance as needed from my Splash Series Supervisor and or Splash Series Staff member. Promptly report all incidents, accidents, illnesses and any risks to health, safety and environment risks within the Event Precinct to Splash Series Supervisor and or Splash Series Staff member. Be part of the Splash Series Volunteer Workforce Team in a volunteer capacity without the expectation of financial payment or incentive. Represent Splash Series in a professional and courteous manner at all times. Wear the supplied Splash Series event uniform in a presentable and neat manner while on duty. Attend all volunteer shifts as allocated by Splash Series and inform the Splash Series Volunteer Co-ordinators/Directors as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your shift due to illness, injury or extreme circumstances. Not incur any out of pocket expenses on behalf of Splash Series at any time without the approval of an authorised Splash Series staff member. Advise Splash Series Supervisor and or Splash Series Staff member of any situation that is unsafe and not satisfactory, or any tasks that I feel I am unable or uncomfortable to undertake as part of my duties. Accept that Splash Series cannot be held responsible in the event of loss or damage to any personal belongings. Accept a flexible approach needed for shift completion times and a willing to work in another role or extend working times if required and able. Refrain from consuming any alcohol or drugs which will impair their judgement and/or ability to carry out their role as an Splash Series volunteer. Accepts and acknowledges that his/her name, image, likeness may be photographed, filmed, broadcast or otherwise recorded during the Event Period or any other events incidental to the role as an Splash Series Volunteer; and; Accept and acknowledge that these images may be used by Splash Series and its related parties to copy, publish, broadcast, distribute and communicate to the public by any means, format or media voluntarily and without the expectation of payment. Accepts that as an Splash Series volunteer you will be covered by the Organisers Voluntary Workers Insurance subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. A copy of the policy will be provided upon request. Agree not to make any public announcement or issue any press release regarding the Event. Agree that I accept the risks associated with being a volunteer and agree, other than making claims on the Volunteer Insurance policy, I will not bring any claims against Bondi Splash Pty Ltd of any type. Agree to regularly check the website www.splashseries.events for any changes to these terms and conditions.

Volunteer Personal Wellbeing and Responsibility:

Look after yourself and your belongings while at the event and ensure that you do not put yourself in harm’s way. Use common sense when approaching situations. Be willing to ask for assistance if required. Arrive on time and gain approval from Splash Series Supervisors or Splash Series staff members prior to leaving your allocated position. Dress according to the weather prediction for the day i.e.; Raincoat.An event specific uniform will be supplied and is to be worn at all times during your shift in a presentable and neat manner. Volunteers are encouraged to wear sunscreen (available in registration) and a hat. We must ensure all volunteers sign a waiver. Preferably, complete this online prior to the event, or at the volunteer tent on event day. Volunteers are to sign on and off to ensure all volunteers are accounted for in an emergency. If safety equipment is required for any roles, this will be supplied by “the Event” and is to be returned at the end of the shift. In return, I understand that Splash Series representatives will: Provide a safe and enjoyable environment in which to perform my tasks and duties. Oversee all competitors, spectators, general public, volunteers, sponsors, suppliers and staff to ensure that safety measures are adhered to. Ensure any unsafe or unsatisfactory situations are rectified. Provide role specific briefings and supervision that will enable me to carry out my role and duties as an Splash Series Volunteer. Provide me with all equipment and safety requirements needed to fulfil my role needs. Will work towards providing a break for shifts longer than 4 hours.

The Splash Series Team thanks you for taking the time to read through both the Volunteer Terms and Conditions. We hope the above provides clear direction and understanding during your time as a member of our Team. If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact Splash Series at hello@splashseries.events We look forward to seeing you and working together to present this year’s Splash Series events.